Tony’s Corner: The Reason The White House Doesn’t Have A Dog

I was asked to write my thoughts on the John Mc Cain “he’s dying anyway“ comment made recently by White House staffer Kelly Sadler.

Sadler is a staffer who works in the White House within the communications department. Recently she was in a meeting, a private meeting, with her colleagues. Sadler made what is going to go down as the worst joke of Trump’s Presidency by saying “he’s dying anyway“ with respect to Senator John Mc Cain who is fighting brain cancer.

This was a very cold, very inappropriate and insensitive joke by anyone’s standards. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about McCain or your next-door neighbor; it was a bad, bad, bad joke.

There are a few ways to look at this situation, but only one proper and right solution. I am sure we have all made some cold and inappropriate remarks about others in meetings or among friends. I know I have made some that would make this joke look kind. Many have made worse remarks on social media, which just proves to the world how ignorant and hurtful we can be towards each other these days. Sadler is no different.

I will however give Sadler a pass on making this remark behind closed doors in a private meeting among her trusted – well not really trusted – colleagues and friends. Point is, there were some in that meeting who weren’t actually trustworthy and loyal to her or to President Trump and the office he holds, so they leaked this tidbit out to the press.
Now we have this out for the “world“ to see. Is it an embarrassment for Sadler, Sarah Sanders, the White House in General and the President – not to mention what we are supposed to stand for as a nation. This is a no brainer folks!
This is where the White House, Sanders, Kelly, all those top advisers and all the attorneys that are tripping over each other – including The President – as we like to say “screwed the pooch big time”.

The President and the White House are looked upon by the world to set an example of both leadership and good moral behavior. That just goes with the territory folks. They have failed miserably in the eyes of the world with respect to class and common decency from day one and this is just the icing on the cake.

McCain was not only a United States Senator, a Veteran of Viet Nam, but also a well-respected American figure known around the world. You can put all of that aside, but the fact is he dedicated his life to public service.
It is not the “joke” that is the real problem, it was how it was managed after it was leaked out.

The leak is not the problem either, contrary to what the White House officially stated. That is another whole and separate topic that the White House needs to address. The leak has nothing at all do with the handling of the joke. The White House and Sarah Sanders are trying to use the leak to overshadow the issue of the joke.That has been nothing more than a great example of deflection and unaccountability. It has been an embarrassment thrown out for the world to witness

After this joke was made any person with a third grade education would know that at the next press briefing Sanders would be asked about this from the fake media. What does she do, she makes up a fake excuse blaming the joke on the leaker, not on the joker. This was just another example of how inadequate the White House and it’s staff are at handling the issues at hand – and failing to admit an error by it’s people.

Management 101, common sense 101, and anyone who has ever held a position of authority in life knows there is a better way. It really isn’t very complicated. There is the problem – the “joke”. It was leaked to the press and Sanders must know it is going to come up at her press briefing. What she or someone in the White House should have done is simple. (A) Call Sadler in and confront her. Explain to her while working in the White House and for the President of The United State, jokes and remarks such as these will not be tolerated. That she as a White House Staffer has the responsibility to act in a manor reflective of the building she works in and the person she ultimately works for, the President.

( B ) Draft and distribute an official letter to all White House employees that explains that while working for the President and our Nation they will conduct themselves in an appropriate manor.

( C ) When Sanders faces all those fake news people who are waiting to eat her up and spit her out, which in fact they did, Tell them and the world that the White House has recognized the situation and explain how they addressed it in a quick and professional way. Sanders should then offer Senator McCain, his family and the Nation a sincere apology for the actions of one of their staffers. The President should also have weighted in and extended apology not only to Senator McCain, but more importantly to his family.

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