Voting In The Election: Don’t Get Left Out

The state of Florida has a unique primary system. In order to vote in closed Nassau County primaries, you have to be registered in the party with candidate representation. In other words – in heavy-red Nassau County, in order to vote in the primary of all your state legislative races this year – you must be a Republican. This also applied to the District 4 race for county commissioner. There are other candidates in the legislative races in the general election also, but in Nassau County republican candidates have an advantage – and hold all partisan county seats.

If you don’t register by July 30th, 2018 – you won’t be able to vote in these important primaries. This date is the last day you can register to vote or change party affiliation. Florida law has changed to make it easy, and you can register to vote or update your voter registration online at You will need to look at your driver’s license to know the date it was issued. You will also need the last 4 of your social security number. These are used to prove your identity. It is quick, easy, and will ensure you have no issues voting in the primary.

Qualification has just been completed in the State of Florida, so this week the Division of Elections will certify the qualification results to the local Supervisors of Elections.

The Following Races are Closed Primaries:

State Senator District 4

County Commissioner District 4 – Tommy Ford Jr., George Spicer

State Representative District 11 – Cord Byrd, Joe Zimmerman

The Following Races Are Open Primaries:

County Commissioner District 2 – Aaron Bell, Dawn Hagel

School Board District 1 – Donna Martin, Robin Lentz

School Board District 5 – Lissa Braddock, Jonathan Petree

Port Authority District 3 – Scott Hanna, Adam Salzburg

Port Authority District 4 – Carroll Franklin, Jean Scott

Port Authority District 5 – Mike Cole, John Van Derlinder


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